A Guide To Average Temperature In Canada in April

Average Temperature In Canada in April

Spring is here, and for many Canadians, that means warmer temperatures! But how hot does it get in Canada during April? Find out in this article as we break down the average temperature across the country in April and offer some tips on staying relaxed and comfortable.

Introduction to April in Canada

In Canada, April is typically a transition month between winter and summer. The average temperature in April ranges from 4.5°C to 13.3°C, depending on the region.

In the Prairies, April is usually the start of warmer weather. The average temperature in Alberta in April is 9.4°C, while in Saskatchewan, it’s 8.5°C. Manitoba saw an average temperature of 7.1°C in April.

The West Coast has the mildest temperatures in the country during April, with British Columbia averaging ten °C and Vancouver seeing a balmy 12.7°C on average for the month.

Ontario and Quebec are typically more remarkable than the prairies and west coast during April, but temperatures are still relatively mild compared to winter months. In Ontario, the average temperature in April is six °C, while Quebec sees an average of 5.9°C for the month.

The Atlantic provinces are more excellent than most of Canada during April, with New Brunswick seeing an average temperature of just four °C and Newfoundland averaging three °C for the month.

The average high temperature in Canada in April ranges from 14°F in the north to 55°F in the south. The average temperature in Toronto is around 12°C, but it can get as cold as 3°C or as warm as 24°C. 

Here are some average temperatures in Canadian cities in April: 

  • Calgary, Alberta: 52°F and 28°F
  • Edmonton, Alberta: 52°F and 31°F
  • Guelph, Ontario: 52°F and 33°F
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia: 48°F and 34°F
  • Québec City: 34°F and 48°F
The weather in Toronto can be unpredictable in April, so it’s important to pack for slightly cooler weather. You should bring a jacket, boots, and a hat just in case. 

Temperature Averages by Province/Territory

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, the average temperatures in April range from a high of 10°C in Nunavut to a low of -5°C in Prince Edward Island. The table below shows the average temperatures by province/territory for April:

Province/Territory – Average Temperature (°C)

– Nunavut – 10

– Northwest Territories – 4

– Yukon – 2

– British Columbia – 7

– Alberta – 5

– Saskatchewan – 3

– Manitoba – 4

– Ontario – 6

– Quebec – 5

– New Brunswick – 4

– Nova Scotia – 3 Newfoundland and Labrador 2


Average Temperatures in Different Regions of Canada

The average temperatures in different regions of Canada during April can vary quite a lot. For example, the average temperature in the Maritime Provinces is around six °C, while in parts of Ontario and Quebec, it can be as high as 12°C.

In the Prairies, the average April temperature is a little cooler, at around 4°C. And in British Columbia, it’s even more remarkable still, at just 2°C.

But no matter where you are in Canada during April, you can expect warmer days mixed in with the cooler ones. So don’t forget to pack your sweaters and your shorts!

– Western Canada

The average temperature in Western Canada during April is 9.4°C. The warmest regions are the Okanagan and Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where the average temperature is 12.3°C. The most excellent part is the Yukon, where the average temperature is -1.9°C.

– Central Canada

Central Canada is home to some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, including Niagara Falls, Toronto and Montreal. April is a great time to visit this region as the weather is mild, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy.

The average temperature in Central Canada during April is 10°C. This can vary depending on where you are in the region, with cities like Toronto tending to be a few degrees warmer than rural areas. Nights can be cool, so it’s worth packing a light jacket or sweater for evening outings.

Rainfall during April so that visitors can expect some showers during their trip. However, this shouldn’t deter you from exploring all that Central Canada offers. Many indoor activities exist, such as museums, art galleries and shopping centers.

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– Eastern Canada

In eastern Canada, the average temperature in April is around 6°C. However, this can vary depending on the region. For example, the average temperature in Quebec is slightly higher at 7°C. Whereas in Newfoundland and Labrador, the average temperature is lower at 5°C. Despite these regional differences, eastern Canada experiences similar weather patterns in April. This includes cooler temperatures than the rest of the country and more precipitation. So if you’re planning a trip to eastern Canada in April, pack your raincoat!


Average Temperature In Canada During April
Average Temperature In Canada During April

Weather Variations Within a Region

The average temperature in Canada during April can vary significantly from region to region. In the south, temperatures are usually relatively mild but fluctuate depending on the location. For example, Calgary has an average high of 13°C and an average low of -1°C, while Regina has an average high of 12°C and an average low of -3°C.

Further north, the temperatures become more consistent, with most places having an average high of around 7-9°C. However, there can still be some variation, such as in Edmonton which has an average high of 9°C and an average low of -2°C.

Finally, the country’s far north temperatures are much colder, with most places having an average high of 0-2°C. The exception to this is Whitehorse which has a slightly higher average high of 3°C.

Seasonal Activities in Different Regions

In different regions of Canada, the average temperatures in April can vary greatly. While some parts of the country are still experiencing winter weather, others are starting to enjoy warmer spring temperatures.

In the eastern region of Canada, the average temperature in April is around 5°C. This is a significant increase from the average temperature in March, which is typically around -5°C. However, eastern Canada can still experience some cold days and snowstorms during April.

The central region of Canada has a much more comprehensive range of temperatures in April, with an average temperature of 10°C. This region can experience everything from cool, wet weather to warm, sunny days.

Further west, the average temperature in April begins to rise even more. In the Prairie Provinces, the average temperature is around 15°C, while in British Columbia, it is closer to 17°C. This region also sees less variation in weather conditions from one day to the next.

Finally, in northern Canada, the average temperature in April is 0°C. While this may not seem warm, it significantly increases from the below-freezing temperatures typical in this region during winter.

Tips for Travelers Visiting During April in Canada

If you’re planning on visiting Canada during April, be sure to pack for both warm and cold weather. The average temperature in Canada during April ranges from -5°C to 15°C, with the majority of the country seeing temperatures between 0°C and 10°C.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your trip:

– Dress in layers to quickly adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day.

– Be prepared for rain or snow – April is one of the wettest months in Canada. Pack an umbrella or raincoat and waterproof footwear.

– If you’re headed to the mountains, be aware that there may still be snow at higher elevations. Check conditions before you go, and come prepared with the appropriate gear (hiking boots, warm clothing, etc.).

– Take advantage of the longer days – April is a great time to explore all Canada offers. Make sure to leave time for some sightseeing!


Tips on Preparing For April Weather in Canada

April is the start of the Spring season in Canada. The weather during this time can be unpredictable, so being prepared for anything is essential. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Dress in layers: This will help you adjust to any temperature you may encounter during the day.

Be prepared for rain: Bring an umbrella and raincoat wherever you go.

Know your limits: Don’t push yourself too hard if you’re not used to cold weather. Dress warmly and take breaks often if you need to

Listen to the forecast: Check the weather forecast before heading out for the day. This way, you’ll know what to do and plan accordingly.

Popular Outdoor Activities in Canada During April

There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in Canada during April. The weather is warm but not too hot, making it perfect for hikes, biking, and picnics. Here are some of the most popular outdoor activities in Canada during April:

  1.  Hiking: With the warmer weather, hiking is a great way to get outside and explore nature. There are plenty of trails to choose from, so you can find one that suits your fitness level.
  2.  Biking: Biking is another excellent way to take advantage of the warmer weather. There are many scenic routes to explore, so you can exercise while enjoying the scenery.
  3.  Picnicking: Picnics are a great way to enjoy a meal outdoors with friends or family. You can pack a lunch or buy some food from a local vendor.
  4.  Camping: Camping is a popular activity in Canada during April as the weather is perfect for spending time outdoors. There are many campgrounds to choose from, so you can find one that suits your needs.
  5.  Fishing: Fishing is another popular activity in Canada during April as the lakes and rivers thaw. You can fish from the shore or go on a guided fishing trip.
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FAQ Average Temperature In Canada in April

Q: Is April a good time to visit Canada?

A: April is a great time to visit Canada! The average temperature in April is a comfortable 10-15 degrees Celsius (50-59 degrees Fahrenheit). The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer, making it perfect for exploring the great outdoors. There are also many events and festivals across the country during April, so there’s plenty to see and do.

Q: Is Toronto cold in April?

A: In Toronto, the average temperature in April is 9.5°C. However, it is common for the temperature to dip below freezing at night. The high in April is typically 20°C but can occasionally reach 25°C. If you’re visiting Toronto in April, pack a jacket!

Q: What is the average temperature in Canada in April?

A: The average temperature in Canada in April varies greatly depending on the region. The northern parts of Canada generally experience colder temperatures than the southern regions. However, the average temperature across the country is usually around five °C to 10°C (41°F to 50°F).

Q: Which cities in Canada have the warmest temperatures in April?

A: Cities along the west coast, such as Vancouver and Victoria, tend to have the warmest temperatures during this time of year. Temperatures can reach anywhere from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F) in these cities.

Q: Which cities in Canada have the coldest temperatures in April?

A: Northern cities such as Yellowknife, Iqaluit, and Whitehorse typically experience the coldest temperatures in April. These cities can see temperatures drop below freezing, with averages ranging from -10°C to -20°C (14°F to -4°F).

Q: Is it a good time to travel to Canada in April?

 It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re seeking warmer temperatures, heading to Canada’s west coast or central regions may be best. Northern areas may be more suitable for experiencing winter activities like skiing or snowmobiling. Additionally, it’s important to note that April is still considered shoulder season for tourism in Canada, which means that prices for accommodations and attractions may be lower than in peak summer months.

Q: How does the average temperature in Canada in April compare to other months?

A: April is typically one of the milder months in Canada, with temperatures starting to warm up after the cold winter months. However, temperatures can still vary greatly depending on location and weather patterns.


In conclusion, the average temperature in Canada during April is relatively mild and varies greatly depending on geographical location. While temperatures can climb towards the higher end of the spectrum in some areas, they remain pretty low throughout many other parts of Canada. Knowing these facts can help you plan your next trip to Canada and ensure you are prepared for whatever weather Mother Nature throws you!

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