Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club Toronto

yuk yuk comedy toronto

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club is a well-known and highly regarded comedy club with multiple locations across Canada. Founded in 1976 by Mark Breslin, Yuk Yuk’s has become a staple in the Canadian entertainment industry and a go-to destination for comedy lovers.

Known for its high-quality stand-up performances, Yuk Yuk’s has hosted countless talented comedians, including many who have succeeded in the industry. The club offers a platform for both emerging and established comedians to showcase their skills and connect with audiences.

With its intimate settings and lively atmosphere, attending a show at Yuk Yuk’s is an experience like no other. The club prides itself on providing audiences with laughter-filled evenings that leave them wanting more. From observational humour to witty one-liners, the performances at Yuk Yuk’s cater to a wide range of comedic tastes.

In addition to its regular shows, Yuk Yuk’s also hosts special events and themed nights, ensuring there is always something new and exciting happening at the club. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or want to celebrate a special occasion, Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club offers an entertaining and memorable experience.

If you’re interested in catching a show at one of their locations or learning more about upcoming events, visit their website or contact them directly. Prepare for an evening of laughter as you enjoy the comedic talents at Yuk Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club.

Here are some additional details about Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club Toronto:

  • Capacity: 300
  • Accommodates: Up to 100 diners
  • Dress code: No dress code. The jeans are okay.
  • Wheelchair accessible: No
  • Box office opens: One hour before show time
  • Payment methods: Credit card and debit card only
  • Parking: Metered parking on the street
  • Private functions: Available. Contact for details

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club Toronto offers a variety of shows, including:

  • Open mic: Every Tuesday
  • Pro-Am: Every Wednesday
  • Yuk Yuk’s Toronto All Black Comedy Show: Last Sunday of every month

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club Special Shows

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club is known for its regular lineup of hilarious stand-up performances. Still, it also offers various special shows catering to different tastes and interests. These special shows at Yuk Yuk’s are designed to provide unique entertainment experiences for comedy enthusiasts.

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Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club Special Shows often feature renowned comedians who bring their distinct style and comedic flair to the stage. These shows may focus on specific themes such as improv comedy, sketch comedy, or even showcase up-and-coming talent in the industry.

One of the highlights of these special shows is the opportunity to see established comedians perform longer sets, allowing them to delve deeper into their material and deliver an unforgettable experience for the audience. These extended performances often showcase these talented individuals’ versatility and comedic prowess.

In addition to featuring well-known comedians, Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club Special Shows may include themed events such as holiday specials, charity fundraisers, or even showcases dedicated to specific genres like musical comedy or clean comedy.

Attending a special show at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club offers a chance to enjoy a unique evening of laughter and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a night filled with side-splitting laughter or an opportunity to discover new comedic talent, these special shows provide an exciting alternative to the regular lineup at the club. So watch for upcoming special shows at Yuk Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club, and prepare for an unforgettable evening of laughter.

yuk yuk comedy toronto

Who is the owner of Yuk Yuk’s?

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club, one of Canada’s premier comedy clubs, is owned by Mark Breslin. Breslin founded the club in 1976 and has been the driving force behind its success ever since. As the owner, he has played a pivotal role in shaping Yuk Yuk’s into a renowned institution for stand-up comedy in Canada. With multiple locations across the country, Yuk Yuk’s continues to bring laughter and entertainment to audiences while providing a platform for talented comedians to showcase their skills.

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Address and Phone

Address: 224 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1V6, Canada
Phone: +1 416-967-6431



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